Music Monday – My top 5 female-vocal singles of the moment

Posted: May 3, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music
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5. Sleigh Bells: “Tell ‘Em” – It might sound a bit weird at first, but after a while it becomes infectious and thoroughly likeable, like a pleasant form of chickenpox

Crystal Castles (9/19/07) - The Trocadero, Philadelphia by Jalapeño.

Above: Alice Glass of Crystal Castles

4. Crystal Castles: “Celestica” – They’re back, and the Canadian duo seem to have added a whole new layer of depth to their sound, developing their melodic aspect rather than the more frenetic, Alice Practice-esque side of things. The core sound that defines them as who they are, however, remains the same.

3. The Like: “He’s Not a Boy” – I don’t want to like this one… but I do. It’s hard to resist such a great pop sensibility wrapped in a neat little song about someone who is, evidently, not a boy…

2. She is Danger: “Hurt You” (Subscape Remix) – As dubstep starts to move away from its Afro-Caribbean roots into something heavier and less melodic, it’s nice to see something like this crop up, a tune that bridges the gap between the two schools of thought in an interesting way.

1. MIA: “Born Free” – This could well be the song that propells MIA into the realm of (deserved) superstardom.

M.I.A. by MTV Music.

Songs like “Paper Planes” have done plenty to raise her profile, but this could go one better. I’d give it an outside chance to even make the top 10 in the charts.The video for this song has already become infamous, and it really speaks for itself as a statement of intent. The video in question, directed by Romain Gavrais, who has also worked with the Last Shadow Puppets and Justice, is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Too graphic for Youtube, it is the epic and ostentatious nine-minute video that Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” didn’t have the courage to be. It also helps that MIA’s song is actually good.

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