Spurs’ success forces us to rethink the “Big Four” concept

Posted: May 6, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Sport
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Harry_Redknapp_280x_464805a.jpg Conversion image by Tony-Harrison

'Arry will be looking forward to a bright future after a single Peter Crouch goal helped secure Champions League football at the expense of Manchester City

Last night’s clash of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur was a glimpse of the future.

It was, for all intents and purposes, a Cup Final tie. The two most improved sides in the Premier League doing battle for a place in the Champions League. It’s not long since both of these sides were slogging it out in mid-table, but big money (City) and shrewd management (Spurs) has helped turn things around – rearranging the complexion of the entire league in the process. From now on, it won’t be as easy for the traditional “Big Four”. City may have lost out, but the sheer size of their budget means they will almost certainly be knocking on the door again next season.

Liverpool, a stalwart in Europe in recent times, are now in a real state of decline. Missing out on the Champions League spot will cost them upwards of £40 million in a time where they are already strapped for cash. City and Spurs, however, will only get better in the coming seasons, and the talent on show last night really illustrated the extent of both teams’ ambitions. Some of the biggest names in football were on the field at Eastlands last night – Adebayor, Modric, Lennon, Barry and Tevez are only the beginning for two sides who will both have money to spend in the summer.

So where to from here? Next season could be the most interesting and competitive in years. Man City’s Arab owners will be demanding silverware very soon, while Harry Redknapp’s famous skills in the transfer market will no doubt bring in some some serious talent to White Hart Lane. It’s by no means impossible that both of these sides will make it into the top four this time next year, possibly displacing Arsenal, whose only guarantee in life is inconsistency. The atmosphere last night, along with the breakneck speed at which the game was played, really showed the drive and ambition that these sides had. While City may have been beaten, they will be back, and the  real winner is the neutral soccer fan who has grown tired of the predictability of the Premiership in recent years.


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