World Cup Heroes – Where are they now?

Posted: May 8, 2010 by fonnaguschakra in Sport
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With only little under five weeks until the World Cup begins in South Africa I thought it might be interesting to look at where the heroes of the past are now. Where do they go when they hang up their boots? Unless they become a football pundit we usually never hear of them again but a quick search brings some interesting results!

Jurgen Klinsmann

The former German and Bayern Munich player and manager was instrumental in West Germany’s winning of the 1990 World Cup as well as in their 1996 European Championship success. But did you know he can bake you a fine cake too? If you happen to stroll into the Klinsmann family bakery in Stuttgart you might be lucky enough to have a chat with the journeyman baker and former world class striker. More recently though, the ex-bundesliga player has relocated to California to work for RTL as a 2010 Fifa World Cup commentator which isn’t half as cool, but he is still Jurgen Klinsmann, a footballing legend and baker extraordinaire.

The Klinsmann family bakery

Davor Suker


The only Croatian on the FIFA 100 list of the top 125 greatest footballers, the striker really made his name in the 1998 World Cup in France. He came away with the Golden Boot with 6 goals in 7 matches and the Silver Ball as the second best footballer behind only Ronaldo. After retiring at 1860 Munich in 2003 he set up the ‘Davor Suker Soccer Academy’ to train young altheltes with career aspirations. He then set up, perhaps counter-productively to his academy, a micro brewery and a pub ajacent to it which sells his own brand of beer which is called “Davor”. As well as this, Suker proves all his legendariness and puts the iceing on one of Kilnsmann’s freshly baked cakes by owning a collection of rare special edition Harley Davidson motorcycles. What a man.


Winner of the Golden Ball in the 1994 World Cup after helping Brazil to the title he is also one of only a few players to ever pass the 1,000 goal mark. In his senior career he managed an unbelieveable 1002 goals in 1256 games. After 71 goals in 85 international matches for Brazil he is the second highest goalscorer ever for his country behind only Pele. Off the pitch he was known for being both arguementative and for having a fierce sense of humour which led to his exclusion from the 2002 World Cup side after dissagreements with manager Scolari. Today he is manager for the Brazilian club America but is also an advid footvolley enthusiast. He also plays Beach Soccer and played for Brazil at the 2005 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. One of the most prolific scorers ever for both club and country Roberto Baggio said it best; “Romario is one of the greatest players of all time. He has good technique and personaility”.

Gabriel Batistuta

All time highest scorer for Argentina, ninth top scorer of the Italian Serie A league, and first and only player ever to score a hat-trick in two World Cups Gabriel Batistuta was an exceptional player. A popular figure at any club he went to, Fiorentina even decided to erect a life size bronze statue of him in recognition of his preformances at the club. As well as a distinctive figure on the pitch with his long blonde hair, he perfected a distinctive style of shooting in which he aimed to burst a hole in the back of the net and instil the fear of god in any player standing in a wall (see video below). Retired now Batistuta prefers to play golf and polo and according to wikipedia (which I couldn’t verify anywhere else) he owns his own contrustion company in Argentina. – 100 Batistuta goals


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