What the Maya actually believe will happen in 2012

Posted: May 30, 2010 by fonnaguschakra in 2012/Mayan Calendar
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So lets start off with probably the most important fact when discussing the Mayan Calendar;

The Maya don’t, and never did say with complete certainty that the world will defiently end on December 21, 2012.

The way people and the media go on about the Maya is hugely disrespectful to one of the most beautifully creative, insightful, and mysterious civilisations that has ever been around. Unfortunatley the Mayan’s ancient culture seems to be another causalty in the present world where people just spew out any sort of information they heard from some other person that heard it from a disaster movie or some other completely baseless source.

North Acropolis, Tikal, Guatemala

The root of this misunderstanding seems to be in the misinterpretation of the word ‘apocalypse’. The word, instead of meaning ‘end of the world’, actually means ‘revelation’ or ‘awakening’. In the Book of Revelations the Apocalypse of John doesn’t mean the end of the world for John, but refers to the ‘revelation’ of Jesus Christ as Messiah.

The connections between different religions and cultures all over the world through this use of the word apocalypse and its different variations (apoch, epoch, aeon, age, etc) is a striking one which does not seem to be given the attention it deserves. One example of this is the correlation between the Christian belief of Jesus being born at the moment the sun entered the Age of Pisces on the spring equinox and the Mayan Calendar’s astrological calculations which perdict defining moments in their history.

This relationship between astrology and religion, or to be more percise, the basing of religion on astrology is common throughout history with virtually every religion or cult basing its significant moments on significant moments on the Zodiac (The Sun god Ra in Egypt, Newgrange, the Magi of Persia (who were the three wise men by the way!), and almost every world religion today; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc). These last few lines would perhaps agitate some readers, angered by my apparently proposperous assusations about world religions which millions of people believe in and have believed in for thousands of years. And if you are one such reader, then perhaps you might know now how the Maya feel. For more information on this – http://www.usbible.com/astrology/when_was_jesus_born.htm 

So what do the Mayans actually believe will happen in 2012? Well since there is at least 7 million of them still alive today some have different opinions to others.

“Depending on who you talk to, one can find evidence that some living Maya endorse the 2012 date as being of critical importance, while some may not be aware of it, or do not necessarily agree with its projected significance. Some think it is a matter for the shamans and priests, and do not relate to the western apocalyptic themes we’ve married the 2012 date to.”http://www.13moon.com/prophecy%20page.htm#5

One significant member of the Maya believes the following;

“[Grandfather Don Alejandro] stated that amongst the Maya of today, they can’t collectively say for sure when the cycle is ending because almost all of their calendars and books (and countless sacred artifacts) were brutally destroyed in 1562 by the Roman Catholic Bishop De Landa.”

The Maya Carlos Barrios notes;

“For the Maya, the famous date of December 21, 2012 marks the begining of the fifth cycle of 5,200 years called Job Ajaw, of the Fifth Sun. This potentially apocalyptic date is the beginning of a change in consciousness, a time when a new socioeconomic order will arise in harmony with Mother Earth.”

For almost any information you want on the Mayan Calendar and the beliefs and misconceptions about 2012 you should visit this site; http://www.13moon.com/prophecy%20page.htm#5 It goes into more detail than I did about the astrology which is the probably the most important part about the whole topic if you want to really understand the reason for the perdicted date of 2012.


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