KnockanStockan Festival – A massive session in the heart of Wicklow

Posted: July 3, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music, Music Festivals
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If you don’t have the money, or indeed the inclination to wade through a gang of 16 year-olds in tracksuits at next weekend’s Oxegen, a great, affordable, and altogether more interesting alternative is the KnockanStockan Festival at the Blessington Lakes, Co Wicklow. Now in its fourth year, the festival runs between Friday, July 23, and Sunday the 25th. It’s a really interesting concept, organised from the ground up, with a “by the people, for the people” ethos. It couldn’t be more laid-back or down-to-earth, and it celebrates all that is good within the emerging Irish music scene.

History of Harry are one of over 100 bands that are heading to the KnockanStockan Festival in Co Wicklow

Oxegen this most certainly is not. There’s nothing pretentious about it, and the organisers won’t try to squeeze every red cent out of your pocket. You won’t find any rip-off burger vans or merch-peddlers, this really is all about the music.  The first big difference is the price: 75 euro for the three days (85 for a campervan ticket). The other big difference is the emphasis on home-grown artists, rather than the onslaught of drab overseas acts that we see on so many other festival lineups. Also, not only are you allowed to bring your own drink, you’re actually encouraged to, another major advantage.The brilliant Belfast noise-merchants And So I Watch You From Afar are headlining on the first night, with the likes of Mob Fandango, Nouveaunoise, History of Harry and the Cujo Family continuing this trend throughout the weekend.

We here at Universalgrassroots approve of this kind of thing 100%, since these kind of events are so important to the indigenous music industry of this country. It promises to be a great weekend, so check it out if you get the chance. A unique event in an idyllic setting, add good weather, friends and beer and you got yourself a great weekend.The organisers themselves have a very clear plan about what they are trying to achieve, and even go as far as to set out a six-point Mission Statement on their website:

1) Bring musicians together to celebrate, showcase and share their music with like-minded people…

2) To grow with the imagination and skills of the community of musicians, artists, and friends who contribute to the festival, and make it what it is…

3) Cut the cost of going to see great music for all genuine music lovers, while at the same time providing a well needed platform for emerging talent in this country…

4) To reinvest net profit directly to where it will be best served. Enabling us to continually provide a platform for musicians, artists and like minded people to engage and express themselves outside of the annual event…

5) To only affiliate with companies/ associations/ groups/ collectives/ individuals that have a respect for our core ethos…

6) Understanding that, by Knockanstockan realising its maximuim potential it can only serve to re-energise it surroundings, hence doing as best we can to usher a proud new era for Irish culture…

To learn more about this great festival, head to


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