It’s a scientific fact that the fundamental cause of everything in existence is energy i.e. that at the sub-atomic and quantum level everything is vibrating energy (if you don’t believe this then your essentially a Hiroshima/Nagasaki denier, amongst other things!). A familiar maths equation which backs up this claim is E = Mc2. ‘E’ here is energy, ‘M’ is matter, and ‘c’ is the speed of light, squared. Einstein’s special theory of relativity equation proves that at the basis of all matter is energy and that, we musn’t forget, light plays a very important role too but we’ll get to that in a bit.

One important fact to know here is that every single thing in existence has a natural vibration to it.

Illustration showing the positions of the seven chakras

That’s everything, from our atoms to the earth to the universe. Ben Stewarts controversial and thought provoking film Estoric Agenda notes this and also highlights another interesting fact. He points out that every human being has a set of Harmonic Focal Points, which is attested to by many in western medicine as well as eastern religious and medical praticises, which correlate with the earths very own vibrational frequencies. These Harmonic Focal Points are better known to us as Chakras and are generally symbolised by the image of the Lotus Flower. This is around about the area that you start getting into arguments about pseudo-sciences with science graduates but bare with me as I tread on this all too frequently condensending ground in which science sometimes shows its darker side.

The general idea behind them is that on our all bodies there are seven points at which vibrations accumulate and in Eastern philosophies these are used to bring health and balance to the physical and spiritual body. In the Western world these seven Chakra points correlate with the nervous and endocrine systems. As Anodea Judith writes in her book Wheels of Life “On a physical level, chakras correspond to nerve ganglia, where there is a high degree of nervous activity, and also to glands in the endocrine system.” The earth also has seven Chakra points at equally distant locations from each other on each continent.

Getting back to a more pragmatic explaination of all this then, the earth has a solid molten iron crystal which resonates at approximatley 7 Hz. We also know that the earth is covered in energy vortexes in which electromagnetic energy eminates. It is the oscillation of the different frequencies in this electromagnetic wave that gives us different forms of electromagnetic radiation such as (we didn’t forget) our friend light. Oscillations at lower frequencies are radio waves and at the highest frequencies gamma rays. Knowing this may help put into perspective just how much of whats going on in the universe our senses don’t and can’t concieve. When these are gridded and aligned, converging spots correlate to the chakras of the human body. Some of the places where these energy vortexes converge along the equator are actually the cause of radio and compass malfunctions such as at Bermuda.

Electromagnetic spectrum with light highlighted

The Original Solfeggio Scale was a scale which was based on the frequencies of the earth and was used by the church in the ancient gregorian chants. That’s why those chants have those droning sounds; the different frequencies the earth resonates at are meant to relate to a certain emotion, for example singing at the frequency of 741 Hz was meant to awaken intuition.

Of course today one very popular way we manipulate energy and frequencies is to create that special atmosphere at a music concert or festival. The bands pouring out of human energy through electrified instruments translated into soundwaves which stirs the energy in the listener which in turn feeds the band again creates that atmosphere where everyone feels like one. And that’s what its all about really. Good vibrations.


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