Bands you don’t care about (but might have at one stage)

Posted: July 28, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music
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Recently I found an old CD of the kind of songs I was listening to three or four years ago, and the one thing that struck me, apart from how good some (but certainly not all) of the songs still sounded, was how few of those bands made any kind of lasting impression. Here’s a few examples from that CD, mostly of bands that you will have faint memories of, but haven’t brought out anything new in years. So here it is, a bit of nostalgia for bands that only released their debut albums a few years ago…

The Rakes – We Danced Together

Not a bad band at all, benefited greatly from the success of Bloc Party around the same time, that kind of New Wave revival, which has passed on again without really leaving any significant acts. Still though, not a bad tune at all.

Shy Child – Drop the Phone

This was one of the first vaguely electro sounding tunes I ever had a passion for. It came out in 2006/7, and although other bands before and since have gone on to do the same thing better, it was a good crossover song for indie-kids with a curiosity about electronic music. Bastardised indie/electro has become the norm now, thanks lads.

The Mars Volta – Televators

They were huge for a small while, and they’re still going, the even won a Grammy as recently as 2009, but in truth, you don’t hear much about the Mars Volta on this side of the Atlantic any more. This tune is from their inspired “De-Loused in the Comatorium” album, which came out in 2003. Televators eschews their typical frantic style in favour of some kind of apocalypto-folk.

The Bravery – Fearless

They were meant to be the next big thing, but then The Killers came along with their horribly overrated debut album Hot Fuss, and the Bravery were, effectively thrown by the wayside, where they have remained to this day. And yes, before you ask, I am aware that the Bravery, are on the whole, a shite band, but they were capable of the odd moment  of magic. The Goran Ivanisevic of music.  

The Zutons – Don’t Ever Think

This tune was amazingly popular when it first came out, but the Liverpudlians could never really build on the success of their first album. People now think their song “Valerie” is Amy Winehouse’s, and really, it might as well be. If you mention the Zutons to anyone these days, they’ll either stare blankly or say “jeez I wouldn’t mind riding yer wan”.

Here’s a few more blasts from the (recent) past:

Do you remember these lads? No? That's because they're the Vines

The Von Bondies, The Departure, Late of the Pier, The Vines, The Young Knives, The 22-20’s, My Red Cell, The Hives, The Subways, Hard-Fi, Director.

Music is fairly fickle alright, and who’s to say these lads couldn’t have made it instead of, say Kings of Leon? They’re all just as good/bad as each other.


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