Good Comedian Bad Comedian

Posted: August 14, 2010 by fonnaguschakra in Comedy, Media
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They have become household names, instantly recognizable to an island of around 4 million people and god knows how many poor souls abroad. But why they have become so popular is one of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century. Neil Delamere, Jason Byrne, and Kathrine Lynch are not funny. (Note full stop). It seems these “comedians” are part of this new type of comedy which goes something like – “if I say enough words then maybe some of them will be funny” which seems to be an offshoot of the Tommy Tiernan philosophy of “if I say it louder then maybe you’ll laugh”.

One morning as I woke up from a first sleep-in in a long while I was shocked to turn on what I thought would be Ray D’ Arcy on Today FM to hear the voice of Neil Dalamere. I quickly sprang up trying desperatley to find the tuning of Today Fm and cursing what evil mind had reset my radio to pick up some dry humoured midlands radio presenter. I soon realised what had happened. The infection had spread quicker than I thought. The dry “comedians” have already begun to suck the life out of the ocean of talent which Ireland actually does posess and its happening now.

Lets not focus on the negative though and maybe a little bit of comparison will make us appreciate the great work of actual comedians.

Bad – Neil Delamere

Good – Dylan Moran

Bad – Jason Byrne

Good – Dara O’ Brien

Bad – Kathrine Lynch 

Good – Ed Byrne


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