This is an Ireland based blog about music, sport and universal issues. We hope to bring to people’s attention the types of issues which affect everyone but which don’t seem to get the kind of balanced coverage that they deserve. We also hope to look at music and sport in a way that would interest most but is not the same as the tabloid technique of spectalurising everything which ends up been far removed from the actual content.

An important part of this blog which we try to uphold to our best ability is to cite every source as well as we can so as to avoid what we see as the beginning of the mis-information age where internet sites are quoting each other and have no idea where the actualy information came from in the first place. This involves avoiding ‘weasal words’ such as “some say” and fake citeing such as “one onlooker said” which are rampant in newspapers.

Finally we hope to get people talking about these topics in a way that is based on actual fact instead of half truths and badly cited internet sites. To remind people to think for themselves is the real aim for us and to open a discussion with some autonomous thinkers would make for some interesting debate.


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