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90’s cheese-dance: a retrospective

Posted: November 25, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music, Uncategorized
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Remember all those tunes in underage discos? Sandstorm, Maniac 2000? Imagine if someone came out with songs like that now, how would it go down in today’s club scene, where most of the tunes are average to say the least. It’s weird to listen to these “classics” again, out of their original context.

Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler

This was released in 1999, and 11 years on,it’s got 8.2 million views on Youtube! Nostalgia for shite is human nature I suppose. It wasn’t bad at the time but it sounds completely different now, the clothes, hair, everything. 

Delerium – Silence

Another one from roughly the same era, I remember this being top of the dance charts on Top 30 Hits for weeks on end 

Mark McCabe – Maniac 2000

At the time, I really didn’t realise how cheap and shitty the whole song/video/location was. Amazingly catchy, but desperate stuff altogether.  YEAH YEAH FUNKY YEAH!

Darude – Sandstorm

A classic of this era, it is actually pretty good, but it got so overplayed it lost all its impact (what you might call Seven Nation Army Syndrome), and in fairness, an amazing 16 million people can’t be wrong! 

Anyone see this song as a precursor to a certain modern-day floorfiller?…