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Argentine links with Foxford could bring Maradona to Mayo for a surprise visit

There have been increasing rumours, both locally and on a wider lever, that Argentina manager Diego Maradona could be set for a sensational visit to the town of Foxford, Co Mayo some time after the World Cup.

Foxford has long held connections with Argentina. Their most famous son, Admiral William Brown, was born in the Moyside village on June 22, 1777, and departed for Philadelphia at the age of nine. From here, he eventually travelled on to the South American nation via a stint in England where he met his wife, and became the founder of the Argentine Navy.

Brown is a national hero in Argentina, four football clubs and dozens of streets are named in his honour, and a visit by Maradona would not be out of the question by any means. One of the Admiral’s most famous achievements was his defeat of 17 Spanish warships with a meagre seven of his own at the Battle of Juncal in 1827. There’s no doubt that Maradona would admire a man like that, even though he’d surely claim he could have taken on 18.

While the visit is by no means set in stone, there are some very positive signs coming from the local media, with the Connaught Telegraph stating ” Maradona is scheduled to bring his team to Ireland on Wednesday, August 11, for an international match to mark the official opening of the new Aviva Stadium in Dublin.  It is understood he is willing to make himself available for the trip to Mayo during his short stay in Ireland.”

There are few other details at the moment, but fingers crossed it’ll happen, because I really want to go on the beer with him.