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Cool Tunes for Cool People

Posted: October 25, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music
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Right, so next time someone asks you “what kind of music are you into?” just mention any one of these artists and they will definitely ride you… if that’s what you want.


This girl makes great music, who'da thunk it?

Electronica has been dominated by men from day one, and girls are especially few and far between in the field of electro/future dubstep. This hasn’t stopped Ikonika from becoming one of the coolest new artists to emerge from the last year or so. Glitchy, wobbly, relaxing and stimulating all at the same time… 

Tame Impala

You can never go wrong with a bit of low-key psychedelia, and these Australian lads hit the nail on the head when they released their debut album, Innerspeaker, earlier this year. 


OK, they’re a bit sad and whiny for my tastes, but this post is all about name-dropping cool artists… Deerhunter released this new album, Halcyon Digest, recently, go check it out if you’re into this kinda thing. 

Jamie Vex’d

Jamie Vex'd - A cool bastard

We’ve covered Flying Lotus, Joy Orbison (I think) and Mount Kimbie already on Universalgrassroots, and if you like them, you’re going to love Jamie Vex’d – another pioneer of experimental, trippy electronica which is hard to put into a tangible category of its own.


Hit the scene at the very beginning of the whole “Brooklyn” thing. (97% of all new bands are now from Brooklyn according to a poll I just made up) and most of the artists that came after them happened to be pale imitators of their look and sound…

…. except for TV on the Radio also from Brooklyn, equally cool, but a totally different vibe altogether. 


More Tunes!

Posted: August 10, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music
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One of the great difficulties in life, for me at least, is that moment when you’re on Youtube and you simply can’t decide what tune to put on. You’ve got every song from the last 50 years available to you and your mind goes blank. So, here’s a few old and new ones to get you back on the right track if you should ever face this very postmodern conundrum.

Panda Bear – Slow Motion

Panda Bear's new album is coming out soon, and it's looking pretty good

Everyone knows Animal Collective are pretty class, so it’ll come as no surprise that when Noah Lennox, one of AC’s members, creates a solo album (called Tomboy, his fourth as Panda Bear), it’s going to be pretty cool. The album comes out in September, but you can make do with this until then

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

The title track from their new album, which came out this week. They sound a bit more upbeat than previously, and going by the other songs I’ve heard from the album, it looks like another triumph from the Canadian septet.

The Kinks – Mr Churchill Says

They’re probably my favourite band from their era, and this song from their 1969 album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), is a brilliant, prog-pop number which really held up well over the years.

Vaski – Terror

One of the recurring themes on Universalgrassroots is the future of dubstep, whether it’ll just become assimilated into a wider electronic scene, or stay true to its original sound. This great track, which I found on the Dubstep Dublin facebook page, is pretty dark but not in the new, almost unlistenable way that seems to be getting ever more popular for some reason.

Boney M – Sunny

Don’t look at this as an ironic, “it’s uncool so it’s cool” way, this is just a great song, plain and simple. Boney M had some shocking tunes, but I can forgive any band a thousand sins for just one moment of redemption like this. It will instantly put you in good form.

Kanye West – Power

He might be stone mad, but Kanye's a forward-thinking musician

As time goes on, he just becomes more and more egotistical and downright strange. But musically at least, he’s really innovative and interesting. Somehow I can’t imagine 50 Cent releasing a video or song like this, and for that alone, he deserves credit. In fairness to him, he does help breathe life into an otherwise stale hip-hop scene. Kanye’s unshakeable belief in himself really comes through in this song, and it’s pretty good despite/because of this.

Mount Kimbie – Crooks and Lovers

Posted: July 19, 2010 by undergroundfisherman in Music
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What I’m about to write will make me seem like Mount Kimbie’s new publicist, but I want as many people as possible to check their tunes out.  Not to be confused with New Zealanders Mt Eden, their debut album, Crooks and Lovers, has impressed me in a way that very few artists have lately.

Their music has been tentatively classed as dubstep, but it’s not as straightforward as just pinning them to one mast. This album is packed full of organic-sounding instrumentation and multiple layers of sound that work together really well. It’s been the kind of music that I’ve been looking for lately, and one which fits into a progressive, Joy Orbison/Nouveaunoise/Flying Lotus way of thinking.

Here, have another one:

Well it’s quite simple really, here’s a round-up of some of the latest important albums and singles that have been released in the crazy world of contemporary music

Aeroplane – We can’t Fly

The self-referential song title is a nice touch, and this funky, disco-influenced piece of summery electro is bound to go down well with fans of Belgium’s up-and coming duo.

Tobacco – Fresh Hex (featuring Beck)

Beck is one of my favourite artists of all time, and here he teams up with Tobacco – an experimental electro outfit from Pittsburgh who are not afraid to push the boundaries a bit. This tune is from their new album, Maniac Meat, which came out about a week ago. It sounds pretty rough and aggressive, which is always nice.

Magnetic Man – I Need Air

I want your opinions on this one, because I’m really not convinced at all. I’m putting it up here because you would assume that a collaboration between Skream and Benga, two of dubstep’s real powerhouses from the early days, would have created something really special. Instead, the result is a very average, middle-of-the-road dance tune. These two lads may well be another example of dubstep’s elder statesmen taking a very dangerous step towards mainstream mediocrity.

Big Boi – General Patton

Outkast have long been the most forward-thinking rap groups in the current crop. Their Speakerboxx/ The Love Below album is one of the best Hip-Hop albums ever. The trouble about this for Big Boi is that he was never seen in the same light as his songwriting partner Andre Benjamin, who was always perceived to be the creative force behind the project. This album, called Sir Lucious Left Foot, shows that Big Boi can be just as inventive as Andre, and arguably a better rapper.

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (album)

Flying Lotus - one cool bastard

I saved the best ’til last – Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison – the nephew of jazz legends John and Alice Coltrane – recently released this brilliant, psychedelic and diverse album about a month ago. All the jazz influences he inherited are on show here, and it’s pretty damn special. I was going to put up a video of one of his tunes, but I couldn’t decide which one. Anyways, that’s a good thing because there is a very deliberate flow to Cosmogramma. To get a more rounded view of the way his songs melt together to create one cohesive unit, his set at the recent Sónar Festival in Barcelona was a great example. It really is worth sitting down and listening to the whole 21 minutes.